is a developer and distributor of Bangla and South-Asian entertainment content in the world. It is a leader in Mobile & Digital Entertainment solutions, Music Applications. With partnerships with top line content creators, Shurela has licensed exclusive digital rights to millions of music and video songs. The company serves content to consumers in different countries across Mobile, Internet, and Applications. Shurela has successfully managed digital campaigns in Bangladesh and will be spreading more in future.

Leader in Mobile & Digital Entertainment

Shurela is the leader in the Mobile Entertainment and Music Industry. Since its inception, the business has built its expertise in Mobile Content and Mobile Media. Its expertise lies in not only in a robust distribution the songs but in market intelligence and product development for various genres of content.

Bangladesh’s largest Digital Entertainment Portal

Shurela also launched Bangladesh’s premium cross platform digital entertainment store,, offering full length music tracks, videos, streaming facilities, mobile content and applications across various categories for digital downloads. Accessible from a PC & Mobile, users can enjoy all this content anytime, anywhere.Shurela is dedicated music app for the song lovers and also helps to provide the fine and HD quality music for music lovers.

Pick a song, with the full satisfaction

Whether it's the artists and singers you love, the latest hits, finding old classics, or making new discoveries, you can stream and download anything you like on Shurela without the hassle of side-loading pirated music. From the newest songs to the hard-to-find classics, Shurela's catalog includes millions of songs in Bengali.

It’s all about Device

Shurela also works with some of the renowned device manufacturers in the world, currently developing Apps for famous manufacturers across Mobile and Tablets.

Our People

An unbeatable team is our key gear that runs the whole operation at the Shurela. An end to end team of software architects, database experts, system analysts, designers and managers are highly recognized in the organization. Our diversified team in terms of experience, background and technological attachment are committed to achieve the best by establishing milestones up ahead. We strive to cater the people’s needs to foster their career throughout the vertical and horizontal ladders of Shurela.


Shurela employs sufficient professionals over 2,200 square feet of office space. Fully air-conditioned office has backup power sources providing employees the best quality working environment in the heart of the city. Shurela’s workstations are equipped with Apple, HP, Dell, etc. We adopt and utilize latest technologies to gain advantages over others and a flexible workplace has accommodated the best talents regionally. We are biased towards the SCRUM/Agile development process but we have unique flow of operations to serve our customers globally.


We are using state-of-the-art Quality Assurance methodologies and practices in our platform, aiming to deliver defect-free content/products. This commitment to quality is Shurela’s core objective as we believe this is the only way to ensure customer satisfaction. Compliance with established requirements, standards and procedures is evaluated through process monitoring, product evaluation, audits and testing. These activities enable us to measure, assess and enhance the company’s functions to ensure efficient performance and high quality implementation.


We immerse ourselves in the world to understand the issues music industry is facing inside out. We then work in cooperation with the stakeholders to develop a dream and turn it into reality, drawing on our decades of mutual experience.


Since its inception, Shurela has perfected itself in providing unmatched solutions for the entertainment industry. Shurela has a strong and dedicated team with technical skill required to provide the superior services in a reasonable time frame.


From the very inception, Shurela will be providing reliable service for all its subscribers and stakeholders. And that is why the subscribers at Shurela keep coming back, because they know they can trust the services.

User-friendliness User Interface (UI)

Shurela products and the platform are uncomplicated and easy to use, so that the subscribers can reap the full benefits of the applications without any trouble.

Last But Not the Least:

When you’re looking to find the local Bangla music and, you can simply load the Shurela app. These results are presented in a beautiful and simple to use interface. Shurela app is first time ever in Bangladesh to make you fully satisfy about HD Quality Bangla songs and others. Our mission is to make it easy for anyone to discover and promote Bangla music. We want to bring the vibrancy back to the Bangla music.